<b>Assistant Chief 'Training/Support'</b> <br>Boyd Smith
Assistant Chief 'Training/Support'
Boyd Smith

Assistant Chief Boyd Smith oversees the areas of training and education, certifications, and Public Fire Education for the West Valley Fire Department. He has been in the Fire Service since 1986. Originally from Cincinnati, Ohio, he joined the West Valley Fire Department in 2001, after a brief (20-year) stop in New Mexico while serving as a member of the United States Air Force.

His certifications include Fire Officer II, Level III Master Instructor, Master Firefighter, Driver/Operator-Pumper, Master Fire Inspector and Fire and Life Safety Educator II from the Texas Commission on Fire Protection; Master Firefighter and Level II Instructor from the State Firemen's and Fire Marshal's Association; and Fire Officer II from the New Mexico State Firefighters Training Academy, where he also serves as a member of the Adjunct Faculty.

Chief Smith holds Associate of Applied Science degrees in Fire Science (New Mexico State University) and Instructional Methodology (Community College of the Air Force).

<b>Assistant Chief 'Operations'</b>  <br>Manny Maldonado<br>
Assistant Chief 'Operations'
Manny Maldonado

My name is Manuel Maldonado. I have served in the West Valley Fire Department since 2008. The number one goal for my team and I is to provide the best service to our community, to help mitigate any emergency, and lend our assistance to anyone or any neighboring agency where we can. This goal is achieved through every membersí sense of urgency, proactive thinking, team work, and safety conscious approach in all aspects of our duties. As Assistant Chief of Operations, I oversee the processes that ensure the operational readiness of equipment. I also oversee processes that ensure the preparedness and support of our firefighters by promoting continuous training, accountability, physical fitness, and open lines of communication throughout the leadership chains. Weíre only as strong as our weakest link.

I graduated from the El Paso Fire Dept training academy in 2008 and have used training and experiences from both departments to make my assigned crews and I safer and stronger. I graduated from El Paso Community College with an Associates in Fire Science in 2018. I hold certifications in Instructor II, Fire Officer II, and Airport Firefighting. My personal goals are simple: learn, train, motivate, and develop. When you join our team, youíll learn how much more youíre capable of.

I look forward to working with you in the future.

<b>Captain  'Anthony District'</b>  <br>Ozzie Carrillo<br>
Captain 'Anthony District'
Ozzie Carrillo

Started West Valley in November of 2008. I became a certified firefighter and an emergency medical technician in October of 2011. I Joined the El Paso Fire Department in May of 2012. In October of 2017, I certified as a paramedic.

I was promoted to Lieutenant of Vinton on June of 2016. In July of 2017, I was promoted to Captain of Anthony. I currently issue personal protective equipment, uniforms, as well as departmental ID cards.

<b>Captain, 'Vinton District'</b><br>Steven Wherrey<br>
Captain, 'Vinton District'
Steven Wherrey

My name is Steve Wherrey, Iím currently in the capacity of Captain and Advanced Emergency Medical Technician (AEMT) with the West Valley Fire Department. I have been in the medical field for 30 yrs. I obtained my EMT while serving in the military. Since then, I have worked in surgery and have been a part of many emergency response organizations.

In 2009 I decided to give the fire service a try, and joined the WVFD. I am the Medical Captain, tasked with managing the membersí annual physicals and immunizations. I also serve as the Medical Training Officer, instructing members in CPR and prehospital emergency procedures in order to gain continuing education to maintain state and national certifications.

When Iím not serving the community, I work in the field of Womenís Health, consulting physicians in surgical procedures, and implant sales.

<b>Captain  'Canutillo District'</b> <br>Bobby Reichardt</br>
Captain 'Canutillo District'
Bobby Reichardt

Born and raised in El Paso, Texas, Bobby joined West Valley Fire Department in 2007. He currently holds a Bachelorís Degree in Emergency Management from West Texas A&M, as well as a Masterís Degree in Public Safety Leadership and Administration from Arizona State University. Bobby has a passion for serving others and has become a strong leader for training the membership both on and off the fire ground. He currently works for El Paso Fire Department, where he plans to serve a full twenty five years, with hopes of becoming a Battalion Chief someday.

<b>Captain 'Administrative'</b> <br>Jamey Olmstead<br>
Captain 'Administrative'
Jamey Olmstead

Bio coming soon!

<b>Lieutenant, 'Anthony District'</b><br>Ernesto Munoz<br>
Lieutenant, 'Anthony District'
Ernesto Munoz

My name is Ernie Munoz I grew up in Canutillo Texas. Up until I was the age of nineteen I did not know my neighborhood was protected by volunteer firefighters. I began my volunteer career with West Valley Fire Dept in May of 2010. Since then I fell in love with the fire service and decided to make it a career. I joined the El Paso Fire Department in December 2014.

My current duties as Lieutenant include: overseeing firefighters assigned to the Anthony station, PPE, uniforms, the peer support program, awards and recognition, and coordinating with the MDA for the yearly boot drive. Its an honor to serve the community that saw me grow up.


<b>Lieutenant, 'Vinton District'</b><br>Carlos Guardado<br>
Lieutenant, 'Vinton District'
Carlos Guardado

My name is Carlos A Guardado. I have been a part of the West Valley Fire Department since April 2010. I have lived in Westway, TX, for about 15 years and graduated High School from Canutillo. I currently hold the title of Lieutenant. My duties include overseeing the weekly inspection, repair, and inventory of our SCBA's. I am now certified as a Paramedic and hope to continue in pursuing more knowledge in the medical field. I am presently attending EPCC in pursuit of obtaining a degree in the medical field while advancing in my career goals. The West Valley Fire Department is where my passion for the Fire Service began. It offers various opportuities to gain training and experience for Fire Service. I hope to continue expanding my knowledge and expertise to serve our community better. I have been a part of West Valley for many years and gained countless opportunities to help our community. I hope to continue to provide my knowledge and skills to keep our community safe.

<b>Lieutenant, 'Vinton District'</b><br>Raul Marquez <br>
Lieutenant, 'Vinton District'
Raul Marquez

My name is Raul Marquez. While attending New Mexico State University, I stumbled upon a career in public service through the West Valley FD. In November of 2011, I was accepted into full membership, and have been volunteering since.

Currently, I am tasked with the inspection and testing of fire hydrants. I also upkeep the inventory of medical supplies. When I am not here, you can find me at one of the El Paso Fire Department stations where I have worked as a firefighter since March of 2014. You can also try The University of Texas at El Paso, where I am currently pursuing a Masterís Degree in Public Administration Ė hoping to graduate in May of 2019.

If helping others is what you are looking to do, then the fire service is the best way to do so.

<b>Lieutenant, 'Canutillo District'</b><br>Alex Vale<br>
Lieutenant, 'Canutillo District'
Alex Vale

Lieutenant Alex Vale is in charge of the annual hose testing, any small engine issues, and oversees the Canutillo station.

I am a member of the community, and have lived in Westway for over 20 years. I graduated from Canutillo High, and joined West Valley in 2008 at the age 18. In the span of three years I obtained numerous certifications. I am grateful in saying I was able to turn those certifications into a career, and joined the El Paso Fire Department in 2012; in which I currently hold the rank of Fire Suppression Technician.

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